Thank You

To all my friends and family who are willing to go beyond the call to make this camp a success.  i am more than appreciative of their efforts.  They are the ones behind this project with your positive vibes and practical approaches and ideas that are put into motion that is keeping this project afloat.

As i told a friend, last night  about a very isolated reason why i am doing this for the children in Jamaica.  Things and signs are everywhere: i saw a soccer ball laying in a pool of water in one of the places I frequent for work, as i went inside to talk over some logistics about our upcoming season.  i was inside more than 30 mins when i received a call from one of our schools, that their supply of soccer balls weren’t delivered and the kids have no balls for practice.  The supervisor called me knowing that I always have a lots of soccer balls in my car.  However, for once I did not because i had just left a supply at another school.  We troubleshooted on the phone about how best to make sure that the kids have at least a ball for scrimmaging.   i then remembered the ball I passed on my way in…needless to say i ran out and looked and there it was still laying in the pool of water.  I looked around to make sure that it wasn’t some kid’s ball and then i fished it out and took it to the school where the kids were so happy to get it.  Firstly, you would never come upon a soccer ball unaccompanied in Jamaica.  Soccer balls are like gold nuggets so everywhere you see a ball you see a soccer game in play.

Thank you  friends

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