A little up and down year

The above title sums up the year so far for me. I have met many great friends and have reconnected with a few old friends. The ups in my title is very high and downs are very low but as a wise man once told me “It is not how many times you’ve been knocked down , It is how many time you get back up on your feet” the quote is not correct in a lot a sense…almost nonsense to me me it makes sense…anyway, we are gearing up to repeat what we did last year with little and nothing but the belief in making things happen. A lot of encouragement from friends and family members proved to be the caffeine jolt I needed to give me the drive to follow through on something. Now we are fast approaching the date for the second time around. We are hoping that this one will be a little bigger than the last one in more ways than one.

We will have very hectic days in Jamaica but at end of it all ..it is the satisfying feeling that we did it…the last day of camp was the biggest testament of the work, and belief that went into making things happened. I had some of the most dedicated coaches in my corner and i am happy that we were a part of a great team..

Believing is seeing!

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