My debt to the beautiful game

As the date to camp draws closer i get more excited and a little nervous with this undertaking. I am more than honored and overwhelm that so many people is helping me to accomplish a dream that a few years ago seemed almost impossible. However, last year’s venture into the unknown has proven that nothing tried nothing gained is aptly suited. I want to acknowledge everybody who has given me the emotional bolster to carry on with this project. These people are sprinkle throughout the my life in many different spheres but all with the same mindset-helping people.

This second camp venture is a testament to the level of trust everyone involve has placed in me. From my friends/contacts in Jamaica to friends here in the states. I have long held that i would give anything to go back home to Jamaica and give back to this beautiful island what it has given me. When I left in 93′ I did not have the slightest notion that i would be giving back to my island home. I like many Jamaica in the diaspora dream of the glam and glitter that goes with the American Dream. The dream that I will make it big and and go back a yard and splash out and hand out tings from foreign.

The beautiful game humbled me many times over, in my yearnings to making it in broadcasting and not just making it but making it big. The plan was to go back and set up a media company in Jamaica was in my master plan. My earliest journeys here in the states took me on a bunch of roundabout routes before i got back on track with soccer…

last year I gave a short speech to the players at East portal about not giving up and giving in to the now was well received. After my remarks I was ask many questions about making it here in the states and i tried to be as honest with my answers as possible. My answers for the most part to gel to what they had previously heard from countless other expatriates. I insisted on them that it was not too late to get a college education-and once in college you have to work hard everyday to remain in college…I felt honored to tell them my story, or some aspect of it to the boys, and men who were in the audience.

So this trip i am hoping to speak with my more young people, young women and men included. This is why everyday i get up I am thankful. I owe so much to this beautiful game–

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