Equipment Drive Update

Every Jamaican Child Deserves Playing Time

One of PWCJ’s repeat donors came up big for us again. Special thanks and shout out to Coach A. and her family, they did an equipment collection for this venture and the collection yield a great number of usable footwear. We had campers playing in sock, barefoot, and in sandals on terrain we would even park our car here in the States.

The campers came in droves everyday at the 2015 camp, looking to borrow from the cache of cleats we brought. They would give their sizes and name and at the end of camp the turn them back in to us.  Sometime, the  same camper did not get to wear the same cleats she/he wore the day before because she/he was late. Personally, I felt bad that the campers had to share wearing a pair of cleats everyday, but it was better that they have at least got to play in a pair which most of them would not get the chance to  wear one.  After the four days of camp and we finished with a closing ceremony.  We donated about 25 pairs of cleats, pinnies, cones, balls, Jerseys, and shorts to the respective organizations.

This is why this donation means so much to the camp.  The schools, clubs and local partnerships in Jamaica will have the equipment needed to attract players who are interest and we go back to serve more kids who heard about the camp from their friends.

Camp Dates: Project Winter Camp Jamaica 2016

December 12th – 15th (Greater Portmore, St. Catherine)

December 18th -21st (Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland)



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